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This week I completed the bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. During the read there were multiple paras and statements that resonated with me. From all those lines, following the top ones.

These below points are not just random good looking motivating statements. During my education…

This tutorial will help you create a basic working program to send any file from the HTML/webpage onto your server.

We will be using HTML, JavaScript, and Python to create this program.

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Folder Structure

This is a quick tutorial to resolve the CSRF error you receive in Postman while testing your Django application.

Step 1: Run the Django server and login into the admin page in the browser. Right-click anywhere on the webpage and click Inspect option.

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Being a machine learner, you should know how to evaluate your classification model. You should know what are the different metrics used to show the classifications and prediction score.

This story covers the following points

  1. How accuracy misleads?
  2. Building blocks of classification metrics
  3. What are the other classification metrics Precision…

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Disclaimer: Smoking is injurious to health and this story does not promote smoking weed/cannabis.

There are several countries like Canada, Georgia, South Africa which have legalized recreational cannabis. Recently I came across a cannabis dataset on Kaggle and thought of making a recommendation system out of it.

A recommendation system…

These days chatbots are very common. I don’t have to explain what is a chatbot, what it does etc. You all must have used Alexa or Siri or Google Assistant or some custom chatbots designed for designated tasks.

Initially, the input medium to a chatbot was text. …

All Rights Reserved to The Pokemon Company

If you are a 90’s kid you must have watched Pokemon. Did you like the powerful pokemon battles? Well, I did.
Being an AI developer and pokemon fan, I thought of building a machine learning model that could predict the winner of a pokemon battle.

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This story will answer the following points.

  1. What is pooling layer?
  2. Formula for output volume of data when pooling is applied.
  3. Advantages of pooling layer.
  4. Is the pooling layer trained during the backpropagation of loss?
  5. Types of pooling layer with examples.
  6. Can we remove the pooling layer?

The pooling layer…

What is Relu ?
Relu or Rectified linear unit is an activation function, used in neural networks for model training. The main aim of using an activation function is to add nonlinearity in the network.

Relu activation function
Relu Equation : 
y = max(0, x) ---> eq (1)
if x <=0, y =…

This story guides you to build a simple flask server and integrate it with HTML and Javascript.

HTML and Javascript help in building front end while python language provides backend support.

1. Create a new directory called “python-js”.

2. Inside “python-js” create two sub-directories named “static” and “templates”.

3. Create…

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